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Sales Outsourcing

In today’s fast-paced world, finding the kind of handpicked sales people with prior expertise in strategic selling is key to success for the sales departments of any company. Building an experienced salesforce for ongoing revenue generation purposes is one of the most sought-after goals for almost every small and medium enterprise company.

However, hiring qualified stuff to reach new and international markets in Europe and beyond requires time, financial and human resources, whereas there are no guarantees as to the expected return on investment.

To meet the challenges of the fast-changing nature of the digital sales, we have built up a team of sales-driven professionals who combine the best features of the outsourced sales to help Fintech and SaaS companies extend their reach into Europe and beyond.
We provide a fully independent sales and pre-sales dedicated salesforce using the best practices in strategic selling for more than 15 international markets, in more than four languages (English, Spanish, French, and German) since 2009.

What Pieces of Sales You Can Outsource With Us

Lead generation & Qualification

Lead Nurturing

Customer success management

Sourcing new clients

Closing deals

A new product line or service

Demand-driven Sales Services

Thanks to 10 years of proven expertise in strategic selling, a team of topnotch experts and a CRM, we offer a hassle-free way to conquering new, international markets rapidly and productively.

By using strategic selling methodologies, we identify and prioritize the concerns of your buyers when making a sale and create a long-term relationship with them. This permits us to build offerings based on the exact needs of the customers, and thus, increase sales expectations. We provide ongoing support for leads generation and customer acquisition that boosts sales volume and builds enduring relationships for our clients.

What can we do for you

We provide on demand sales services at different corporate levels Go-to-market strategy & Business Plan

Governance & Fundraising

Assistance for setup of overseas office

Partnerships development support

Growth-hacking consulting based on market intelligence data

Salesforce training

Sales process management from Lead generation to Sales Meetings, Strategic Selling, Sales closing

Pre-sales expertise (demonstration setup)

Account Management

Partnerships Management

Event organization/networking

Marketing plan, Market study, Market intelligence (market trends, regulatory changes, clients intelligence)

Market representation; Lead nurturing, Online Reputation Management


We support sales cycles either by leads generation to reach their target audiences abroad or via an experienced salesforce for those companies that lack sales departments and wish to outsource the sales cycle together with their account management. We also provide an outside and inside sales outsourcing. By means of contracting an outside sales outsourcing, we set up a dedicated sales team exclusively for your customers’ needs and specializations, or inside, when outsourcing provider takes care of a sales process with the help of their sales team.

Start your outsourcing now

Finelis clients follow a tailor-made sales plan, in line with the needs of their potential audiences and completely rely on our strategies for strategic selling to drive revenue boost via leads generation and qualification. Through ongoing exchange of information, their sales objectives are regularly assessed to ensure that objectives are met qualitatively and quantitatively.

Since 2009, over the course of 10+ years FINELIS has built a portfolio of clients who have given credit to what we do by generating growing revenue through their products and service and under the supervision of our dedicated team of experts. Our strategies are defined by ‘’proven sales increase’’ starting with the 3rd month. We are ready to take your message further by disclosing the best features of your products/services to possible interested clients across continents. By now, we have done for a multitude of companies, service providers, software vendors who have expanded their sales to new international markets.

Explore our sales outsourcing case studies to how we supported our clients in achieving their goals.

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