Why Should your company use a CRM

Interacting with people is one of the strengths of business and allows sales to occur


Most businesses and companies started out small, selling to acquaintances, and they in turn referred us to someone else.

Our friends, who are now also our customers, become so close, that we end up getting to know their family well, their tastes and their needs.

I like to think that my clients are my friends, and it really comes down to that. And it is precisely that closeness which allows for a less impersonal sales process.

In a follow-up call I can ask him about his daughter who was about to get married, or his mother who was sick. It is this kind of information that helps us sell, simply by being more personal with our potential customers.

On the other hand, there is persistence. Making calls as a necessary follow up for that referral to become our client.

What happens when our business grows and we no longer have the time or the memory to remember all those small (but very important) details about our potential client?

This is where the need for a CRM arises, a useful tool that helps to store valuable interactions by optimizing all the information.

At Finelis we believe in combining technology + people. That is why we are obsessed with our CRM tool, which we use for our company and our clients

By using a CRM you will create positive interactions with your potential customer

What is a CRM?

A CRM is a system that gathers the data you used to collect manually, in a more automatic way, without losing sight of key details.


This is where all the information from prospects is centralized and where all the details of interactions will be recorded, so that when you plan to follow up, you can draw on that personal data just as you did when your business was much smaller.


A CRM is a system that gathers the data you used to collect manually, in a more automatic way, without losing sight of key details.

Why switch from an Excel sheet to a CRM

You may think, “I already have that information in an Excel sheet,” but here are a few reasons why you should switch from Excel to a CRM.


  • You can’t find all the information:


Surely your excel sheet already contains data such as: names, phone numbers and addresses. But as the business grows, the sales process can be longer and with more data about your contacts, so much information, that the Excel sheet becomes small.



  • Your Excel file is not always up to date:



The needs and characteristics of the market as well as the trends change very quickly. The more detailed information you have about all the changes the better. However you have to enter all the data in your excel sheet manually. But if you have a CRM you can include all the information and movements about your customer with your company in a much more automated way.



  • You cannot classify your contacts into groups



You cannot perform actions at scale, nor can you integrate data with other tools.

Having a CRM makes many tasks easier and users require less time to find the contact  needed or perform certain actions without having to leave the system.



  • CRM drives sales


75% of companies do not have a process to take care of sales opportunities. This is exactly what a CRM does: remind you when to make that follow-up call you agreed upon with your potential customer.


  • You can keep the information in your mobile phone



Most CRMs have mobile applications so you can access all that information about your customers no matter where you are.



  • Higher recommendation rate



By using a CRM you will create positive interactions with your potential customer. You have complied by calling him on the agreed upon date, asking him about very personal issues that are important to him and indicating that he is important to you. The result will be that this customer will recommend you to more people making the door to new customers easier to open.


If you see that it takes you a long time to manage your contacts to have a better follow up in marketing and sales actions, you should definitely consider using a CRM.

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