Outsource your

We identify the most relevant individuals and tools to help B2B SMB's to grow sales results

Kick-start projects
and scale with agility

  • Try out new strategies
  • Target new markets
  • Launch ambitious plans
  • Cope with a peak in activity
  • Get professional guidance
  • Save resources on recruitment

Sell more

Get instant access to a trained pool of talent capable of activating and nurturing the leads you have, find more relevant prospects and carry out the transformation your business needs to use other channels and access potential new customers.

Wait less

How many times have you been unable to implement a new strategy due to lack of resources? Have you had trouble executing these new plans without a team to support your plans, due to hiring and training limits? Hire a full team now and start working immediately

Use the right channels, fill in the blanks

Sales are often reduced to two or three meetings between product demonstration and negotiation, but much more is required. Investing in a sales team ensures that every step of the new customer acquisition process is properly managed to reach the final negotiation. At Finelis, we can cover all your sales channels, including your Marketing and CRM needs, thanks to an experienced team and excellent processes.

Capture & Prepare
  • Market research
  • Identify ideal customer profile
  • Website optimization
  • SEO, Ads, Social Marketing
  • Building prospect list
  • Customer journey mapping
Connect & Qualify
  • Cold emails & calls
  • On-site networking
  • Business material optimization
  • Inbound leads management
  • Technical qualification
  • CRM automation
Nurture & Discover
  • Discovery calls
  • Demo meetings
  • On-site representation
  • RFI / RFP completion support
  • Strategic selling
  • On-site representation
  • Pricing & discount strategies
  • Contract preparation


to sign deal
Sales cycle
usually takes
3-to-6 months

Benefits of outsourcing your sales to Finelis include:

  • Focus on your core value proposition
  • Optimize your existing clients satisfaction & retention
  • Have more time and support to devise new strategies
  • Get a clearer picture of current and future opportunities
  • Scale your team with more flexibility
  • Refine your targets & objectives or find additional ones


According to your needs along your sales operations chain, we can build tailored prospect lists, contact them, nurture the relationships, qualify those who show interest, continue with the pre-sales process and sign deals through strategic selling (negotiation, pricing, closing, etc.).

Quickly boost your sales
Outsource an entire marketing team


Are you trying to launch Google ads, but can only entrust a programmer, salesperson or intern to research and learn it as an extra task? We make it simple in the marketing services we can provide, from website design to SEO, ad management, etc. We have a team that mixes and combines the most relevant resources to make the best marketing strategy for your company a reality!


Managing a powerful CRM is not only keeping information organized, but also learning from past experiences, efficiently informing different stakeholders and, of course, bringing automation to the daily creation of business opportunities. We can set up, maintain, clean, train your teams or simply use the best CRM tools and methods if you choose one of our updated plans.

Improve your customer relationship management

Find the right plan for you

Pay per module

from €499/month
  • Prospect list building
  • CRM cleaning & support
  • Web development
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search & Social Advertising
  • Branding, design, strategy
  • Research (competiiton, users, keywords)

Sales + CRM

  • Curated list of 100 leads
  • Each qualified & contacted
  • Securely stored, updated
    & actionable data
  • Mapping & automation for nurturing & following-up with each prospect
  • Book discovery calls & demo meetings
  • Negotiate, close & sign deals

Marketing + CRM

  • Marketing plan
  • Execution of any marketing module
    as needed for the execution of
    the marketing plan
  • Lead generation integration to
    CRM system & report
  • Mapping & automation for contacting & nurturing inbound leads
  • Support for business material creation








“Finelis met the conceptual and practical requirements of the sales team located in Zurich and London. The team learned a lot about state-to-the-art sales skills and methodologies. Thanks again for your valuable input.”

Willi Brammertz – Founder


“Finelis is highly specialized in selling software & services to financial institutions and I recommend this company if your look for sales & pre-sales support to complete your sales & marketing department at a fair cost.”

Pascal Meheut – Founder at Density Tech


Finelis is proud to be an active member of Finance-Innovation, a business and research cluster dedicated to financial services in France.

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