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Our teams can support sales, marketing and CRM support in English, French and Spanish. 

Our usual reach expands from the UK to France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Spain but we also have strong connections and do regular business in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia as well as Portugal and Germany.

We are planning on having German supported very soon.

Each prospect list we build has 100 leads.

1 lead is one person in an organization. This means you can ask for having 3 contacts per organization but you will only have 33-34 company leads.

We have 8 common fields such as “Name”, “Email” or “Company” that are almost necessary for anyone.

Nevertheless, you can change some of them for other free fields available and of course we can name them however you want (if you have a specific nomenclature that will help you integrate the data to your work processes for instance)

Should you need more fields you can request a quote to your account manager. Some of them can be included for free but others require extra work to be provided and therefore are subject to added cost.

Of course ! You can add as many as you want per packs of 50 or 100 and the price will be calculated accordingly and depending on the targeted countries/languages/industries.

Our work is usually divided and priced by groups of 50 or 100 leads.

For that amount, you can target up to 3 countries at the same time if they share the same language.

Should you need to cover more countries or languages, “packs” will sum up and we can negotiate a discount !

If you want to try out our service with more flexibility, give us a list of prospect you don’t have time to contact, we will assess their potential and give you a price per lead that you will only pay if we manage to organize a qualified call or meeting for you.

This can reduce risks for you and costs will depend on our success in getting new meetings for you ! Request a quote or ask for an account manager to contact you for more details.

These two services give you access to talented professionals available “on-site”, “face-to-face”, for meetings and events (from sales pitch and demo meetings to Networking events).

We distinguish one from another because on-site networking is a service to facilitate further potential business and can is easier to be done without a heavy knowledge of your product or service whereas “representation” lies in the heart of your sales cycle, its focus is on closing deals !

Price varies and depends on the length of events, travel and accommodation cost.

We don’t have any minimum subscription. We believe results will make you want to keep collaborating with us. We do recommend to stay at least 3 months for your company and Finelis to get to know each other better and optimize results !

The model we work on is very flexible and has no engagement. This means we also need to have some liquidity before actually delivering something. Therefore, we always ask for prepayments and mutually unlock the transaction in the middle of each month.

Yes you can, just schedule a call with your account manager and she or he will adapt the contract to suit your needs.

The choice is yours ! We prefer using your corporate domain to lead you prospection and sales cycle since it will feel more trustworthy from a prospect point of view but if you would rather not, please contact your account manager to find a better solution !

In general we only need 1 to 3 emails for our team to use, depending on the scope of the mission.

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