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About us

What we do best

Our mission is to help innovative Fintech & SaaS companies to extend their reach and revenue in Europe and beyond by means of outsourcing their Sales, Marketing and/or CRM services.

We align the best features of Sales and Marketing to help you generate more income and sell more in less time. We do so by offering a team of experts with proven strategies, resources and hands on experience in more than 17 international markets and in more than 5 languages. Our team of experts constantly provide SMarketing trainings to turn any team into an expert team.

We are much more than Sales and Marketing outsourced. We help our clients to expand their businesses to new international markets through mitigating risks, mismanagement and extra costs. By helping to build a customer-centric business from marketing to sales data reporting, we create a complete understanding of the sales goals and prepare strategies to reach them.


Finelis clients are sales-driven, results-oriented and are constantly being trained by our qualified professionals to adapt our strategies to their company’s end goals. This gives us a more comprehensive understanding of your business goals and objectives.


Our CRM client benefit from combining the best features of strategic selling and dynamic reporting via an exclusive CRM that boosts extra efficiency and productivity for our clients. Our clients are free to either use their own or subscribe to our CRM service directly from Finelis Group.


Our Marketing clients make use of a wide range of marketing services to be applied together with their sales strategies, including the use of marketing tools integrated with the CRM solution of the client. We get your scalable sales & marketing services for your requested market at a reasonable cost and at the right time.

Who we are

Foundation in 2009

More than 20 professionals involved

3 offices (Barcelona, Paris and Switzerland)

Multidisciplinary and specialized teams

Over 50 Fintech projects, SaaS projects and custom-made projects

Native teams: English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese

More than 200 clients, of which 50 are active monthly

After more than 15 years of providing expert sales and marketing support in Europe, Africa and China, Jean-Charles Spanelis founded FINELIS GROUP, seeing a need for a more achievable success from sales to marketing and CRM.  Since 2009, our experts has turned any team into a team of experts, any deal a success project.  Throughout these 10 years, we have been building a community of people who position as a trusted partner for a wide range of services.

Our experts in international sales, marketing, and lead generation are ready to deliver professional services for your company in new, international markets in the following roles :

Part-time & Full-Time Sales Directors

Part-time & Full-Time Marketing Directors

Country Sales Managers

Lead Generation & Business Development

This year, 2019, FINELIS Group turns 10 years old. This is a special anniversary for us to thank the people who have put faith in what we do and have accompanied us throughout these years.

Jean-Charles SPANELIS

Founder & CEO FINELIS Group

Benefits of outsourcing

Full Marketing Management Outsourcing

At FINELIS Group, we have developed a methodology, which supports our clients in two ways, either through providing them specific trainings by our qualified team of experts, or through carrying out a wide range of activities for their sales and marketing departments. This has permitted our clients to maintain the benefits of having their own team with us from marketing management to sales data reporting.
Under these three premises, the benefits of outsourcing of Sales/Marketing are promising as they enable our clients to access a more competitive positioning in the market through better-qualified salesforce, proven expertise and strategies.
At FINELIS Group, we develop exclusive outsourcing services that adapt to the budget, size and activity of your company. We assure that our clients are clear about the objectives set and the returns of investments planned to meet the goals of their company.