The 5-legged sheep of sales exists and is about to turn 13

5-legged Sheep Sales exists

Last January, an article in the French newspaper Les Echos headlined: “Sales is not what it used to be. It is becoming a profession in its own right“. It is true that sales is changing and that it has evolved significantly over the last ten years. Are we facing a unique phenomenon in the history of sales or are we simply at the end of one phase and in prelude to the next? However, we can ask ourselves if the five-legged sheep of sales exists… and what it will be in 2022.

Companies are still looking for the perfect profile to increase their sales. But this 5-legged sheep of sales does not exist within one person, it is only part of the collective imagination.

At the end of 2018 it was already mentioned on the French television channel BFM that sales was a real job. And at the time, we were far from thinking that an epidemic like Covid19 would only add very brutal changes to an already very shifting environment. An environment requiring strategic and operational business expertise both in-person and remotely!  In fact, this epidemic has only reinforced the need for excellence. There is no longer any room for companies that think they can sell just on the quality of their product. This is a necessary but not sufficient condition today.

So, you can continue to dream of the salesman who knows how to do everything. But in that case, don’t waste your time by continuing to read this article, we’ll set you free 😊.

On the other hand, if you have future projects for your business and are more interested in positive action and ROI than talks and dreams, grow your team to improve your sales results now! Whatever your profile, you could give wings to your organization in harmony while helping your internal teams to collaborate with a common goal: Sell and sell better!

Sales profile

Selling and selling better according to your profile

Are you the founder of a start-up?

How many times have you been held back from implementing a new strategy due to lack of resources? Discover the tricks that will allow you to apply your ideas, to be faster, to be more reactive and to act. Learn how to turn your sales team into a real lever for growth and profitability.

Are you a business leader?

After an economic crisis that has led to a significant drop in sales, you are wondering how to get back on track to become profitable again quickly? What if you took advantage of the current weakness of your market to develop your business, contribute to the recovery of your sector and bring real added value to your customers who could well be the future customers of tomorrow? Pareto’s Law, which you know better than anyone else, is still very relevant today.

Are you a salesperson?

You may feel like the windmill of your company, with sales results that do not go in the direction of the set objectives. So, what can you do? And above all, how can you get your business to accelerate again and create confidence with your customers so that they can buy more and faster? How can you reassure your director and even shareholder?

Do you work in a SME?

What are the brakes that prevent you from acting and taking risks to innovate? Are there different ways of doing things to go further, faster, and right now?

What will be the future of sales in 2022?

But let’s get back to the point: sales! Your sales are stagnating, but you don’t want to change your sales strategy midstream? Maybe there are simple adjustments to be made without a big bang, don’t you think? An external eye is always interesting, especially if it is legitimate in your sector and able to understand your problems…

If you are open to change, you are halfway there… Then, Outbound VS Inbound strategy, CRM, automated and personalized prospecting, quantitative sales objectives to maximize your SaaS license revenues in the next 6-12 months, going “hunting” at your competitors, etc….These are details we will talk about later! 

There is only one step left for you to take today, that’s the other half of the road: Contact that 5-legged sheep!

5-legged Sheep Sales