Do you really Need to Hire a Salesperson who loves Phone Prospecting to succeed?

To hire a salesperson for the phone prospecting

Does a salesperson need to love his or her job to succeed in teleprospecting?

When a company decides to recruit a salesperson, it normally wants to hire someone who likes human contact. This seems to be a given! However, it is not uncommon to see salespeople who do not like the telephone contact. Indeed, many salespeople tend to focus on the technical aspects of prospecting. They find it difficult to imagine that they can succeed in selling without human contact. In general, there are two types of salespeople: those who do not like phone prospecting and those who love it. Regardless of whether they fall into one of these categories, the experience they have gained from making phone calls is still valuable experience for your company.

It is commonly accepted that hiring a salesperson who loves phone prospecting is THE condition for success. However, there are many other people in the marketing and sales world who can make sales and who may even be more likely, given their skills, to make you more money. But these people are not among the clients for whom companies are looking for a salesperson, because of their aversion to cold calling. They are therefore by definition excluded from this market, although their skills can be very useful to the company.

If you look hard enough, it is not difficult to find salespeople who like to spend time on the phone. Their goal is to make sales, of course, but also to connect with the people they call to share their passion for the company. Salespeople who enjoy spending time on the phone and are passionate about what they do can be an incredible sales force.

Understanding the importance of cold calling

Phone prospecting is the work of researching information, prospecting and contacting potential customers. It is an essential activity for the growth and increase of the turnover of companies. Moreover, it has been noticed that the number of telephone contacts has increased considerably with the evolution of technology. Companies have realized that contact increases trust as well as sales compared to a simple computer relationship.

Definition of telephone prospecting

Business telephone prospecting consists of contacting potential prospects by telephone to convince them to trust your company and buy your products and/or services. Phone prospecting can be used to leave a message on a future client’s answering machine to explain the services you offer and what might interest them, so that they call you back.

Nowadays, telemarketing has become an indispensable tool for companies that want to increase their sales. With a high response rate and a good quality of telephone prospecting, you can find new customers and increase your turnover. In one day, a salesperson can contact more than fifty people.

The objectives of telephone prospecting

Phone prospecting allows you to have direct contact with the customer. It is a way to obtain information on the customer’s needs and to consider many commercial solutions. Telephone prospecting can be the basis for a sale.

To appreciate the importance of telephone prospecting, it is important to know that a significant number of prospects who have been contacted by telephone decide to sign a contract with a company. This is more than other means of communication. In fact, it is estimated that about half of the prospects contacted by telephone decide to take action and make a commercial decision.

Telephone prospecting helps to :

  • save time
  • prospect potential customers
  • create a personalized relationship with customers
  • respond to the consumer’s expectations and needs
  • improve customer satisfaction

For business telephone prospecting to be effective, you need to choose the right people, i.e. experienced and motivated sales representatives.

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Importance of Phone prospecting

Does a salesperson have to like phone prospecting to sell?

A salesperson who loves his or her work is a productive salesperson. Indeed, a salesperson who is passionate about his or her work does what he or she was made to do without feeling like he or she is working. He has found his way, that is to say the means of his personal fulfillment. He does what he loves and will carefully prepare his action plan to prospect on the phone.

Select and analyze the prospects to contact

It is important to know your target well. To do so, you need to obtain a lot of essential information such as the business sector or the organization of the company you are targeting, the common needs between several prospects, strategic contacts within the company – sales management, IT department, marketing department, purchasing department…

Before starting a telephone prospecting campaign, the sales representative must have a clear and precise vision of the market, the competition and its strengths and weaknesses. He must also know his product/service offer and its competitive advantages.

Preparing a telephone call script

As part of the telephone prospecting process, the sales representative prepares a telephone call script. This script must be in line with the company’s strategy and action plan and meet the objectives defined by the salesperson. It is written in a clear and concise manner so that the caller immediately understands the purpose of the call.

Planning your telemarketing actions

Call planning is a key stage in telephone prospecting. The sales representative must determine the number of calls to be made, the days and times of contact and ensure regular follow-up of the campaign. Then, he will measure the results of his telephone prospecting campaign to improve the weak points or to emphasize the strong points of his interviews.

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Love Phoning Prospecting

The qualities of a good salesperson specialized in phone prospecting

The telephone prospecting salesperson is endowed with certain qualities that will enable him/her to succeed in convincing his/her interlocutor.

Relational skills during appointments

Relational skills are one of the main qualities of a salesperson. The exchange must be fluid, everyone must have the impression of talking with a friend. This relationship is essential to establish a climate of trust with customers. A good salesperson must have excellent interpersonal skills, starting with empathy. They must be able to put themselves in their prospect’s shoes and understand their problems and needs. To do this, several criteria come into play: voice, tone, appearance and smile. A good salesperson knows how to show himself or herself in the best light.

Listening skills to identify customer needs

The ability to listen is one of the keys to success in telephone prospecting. In their exchanges with customers, salespeople practice active listening. When a prospect tells him/her about the complex situations he/she has to face, the sales representative has to show both pedagogy and persuasion. In the sales process, there is always an emotional component that must be used. A good salesperson must know how to listen to his interlocutor. In this way, he is able to better understand his needs and offer him a product or service that meets his expectations. To do this, he must be able to concentrate on his interlocutor and interrupt him as little as possible.

Communication and perseverance during the interview

Communication is an asset for successful telephone prospecting. To do this, a salesperson must be able to communicate in a convincing manner. A good salesperson has clear ideas: he/she knows how to communicate in a fluid and clear way. Closing a sale may require several meetings and calls with prospects. Persuasiveness and creativity will help the salesperson to convince the most reluctant prospects.

Qualities of a salesperson in teleprospecting

Telephone prospecting is therefore an extremely powerful tool that allows you to have direct exchanges with potential customers. Because it is effective, it has become an increasingly used communication technique. Companies must therefore find sales agents who have the necessary skills to generate good sales over the phone.

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