Why You Should Invest in a Corporate Blog?

why you should invest in corporate blog

The benefits of investing in a corporate blog

Investing in a corporate blog may not seem like a good idea to some companies. Yet, marketers agree that a blog is a real necessity for businesses because it provides many long-term benefits.

How many times have you heard a company say: “We already have a website, why invest in a corporate blog? The answer is very simple! A website is the showcase of your organization. It allows you to present your activity, your products and/or services. But your pages remain “frozen”. You need to feed their content in order to communicate regularly about your company. This is where the company blog comes in.

The blog brings added value to your company. It is not intended to replace your website. On the contrary! The blog has a different vocation, and it completes, in an efficient way, the showcase of your company. So, let’s see in more detail why is it worth investing in a company blog.

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Gain visibility

Even if there are many ways to be present on the web, the blog remains the central pillar for your company to gain visibility on search engines.

The company must remain visible on the web

It is important to know that if your website is not regularly updated, your company risks falling into the oblivion of search engines. In order to avoid this descent in the search results, the blog will allow you to add relevant and regularly updated content. It is a good way to make the eyes of Google and to acquire notoriety.

Investing in a company blog to optimize your referencing

The articles you publish on the blog increase your chances of ranking on keywords, whether they are primary or secondary. By adding SEO-optimized content, you’ll have one hell of an advantage over your competitors in terms of customer acquisition or retention strategy.

The blog will allow you to reference your company and prospects will be more likely to find you on the web. Indeed, by using SEO techniques (keywords, backlinks…), your company should climb faster in the search engines ranking. As a result, you will inevitably increase the traffic of your company’s website.

to gain vivibility

Generate traffic on the company’s website

The company blog is a significant source of traffic acquisition. By feeding it regularly with attractive, original and search engine optimized content, your website traffic will naturally increase.

And what’s more, writing more content will reach a wider audience that doesn’t necessarily know your business yet. By addressing various topics consistent with your industry, you will attract a larger audience among which will be your future customers.

In B2B, the company blog is therefore very important to give confidence to buyers through articles that bring them value.

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Bring value to your target

Writing interesting articles via the corporate blog will bring customers directly to your business. The content should answer your prospects’ questions so that your business relationship starts in the best possible way.

The blog will create strong links with your visitors and the communication will be two-way. By adding comments under your publications, your readers will be able to interact with your company. They will give their opinion, bounce back on what you said… They will feel very involved in the life of your company. And this way, you guarantee them a better experience.

Establishing a dialogue with your customers is a way to get closer to them and make them feel valued. You can talk directly with them about your products or services. In addition, you will humanize your company and give a brand image of expertise.

To bring value to target

Invest in a company blog to work on your image

Using a blog is a great way to prove your company’s skills and know-how. It helps you become the reference in your industry as you publish high value-added content.

Blogging will always be beneficial as it will allow your company to demonstrate its expertise and convey its values. The more relevant and powerful your brand image is, the more people will talk about your company.

Boost your social networks

Maybe your company is present on social networks? If this is the case, you can use the blog articles to feed your social network pages. Your publications will be more varied and will bring dynamism and more detailed information.

In addition, sharing this useful and value-added content will set you apart from your competitors. Promoting your articles on the networks will also allow you to make your company known. In the end, you’ll get the most out of your blog and your networks.

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boost social networks

Investing in a company blog brings many benefits and should be an integral part of your content marketing strategy. On the other hand, blogging requires time and especially reflection to become the pillar of your strategy.

If you haven’t created your own yet, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you to set it up and ensure your notoriety by your side.