Transitioning from Employee to Freelancer

transitioning from employee to freelancer

You are an employee and you no longer thrive in your work? Your salary no longer suits you? Maybe it is time for you to transition from employee to freelancer? Maybe the health crisis had a huge impact on the company you work for and you found yourself unemployed. Why not turn this inevitability into the opportunity to relaunch yourself as a freelance?

Each year this kind of exercise appeals to many workers. Currently, Europe has 9.4 million freelancers, which is 31% more than in 10 years. Faced with the exceptional situation due to Covid-19, employees are asking themselves a large number of questions about their professional future.

Certain sectors of activity are on the rise, and others are experiencing real difficulties. The most requested missions mainly concern the digital world whether in the marketing, advertising, consulting, training sector … But you would be surprised to see the range of professions that can be exercised under this status.

Transitioning to freelance status has significant advantages. Of course, this project requires thought and preparation.

Finelis and his team support you with the help of our partners, so that you can become a freelancer simply and at a lower cost. Whether you are an active or unemployed employee, we help you transitioning from employee to freelancer.

transition from employee to freelancer

Continue to work with the same leaders

You like your job in a company, but following recent events, have you realized that you need to take a step back? Do you want to move on and maybe even work on your own?

Nothing prevents you from moving from an employee status to a freelance while continuing to work for the same employer or employers. But this time, you will be outside the company and you will carry out an assignment whose terms will have been defined in advance.

Of course, you will no longer benefit from the same salary advantages as by being an employee of the company (full-time contract, complementary health, monthly salary…), but as an external partner, you will not be no longer subject to the same requirements.

What is certain is that you will certainly be more productive than a salaried employee because you are going to have to fight for a living wage at the end of the month and face your own responsibilities.

As for the leader, he has everything to gain from working with a freelancer. Finelis supports the CEOs through our qualitative Outsourcing formula.


Transitioning from employee to freelancer to avoid unemployment

It is not always easy for the unemployed to find a new employment contract. Therefore, to work as a freelancer appears to be one of the best alternatives.

In France, freelance status and unemployment can easily be combined. Indeed, the self-employed worker can offer his services while receiving his unemployment benefits under certain conditions.

By adopting this status, an unemployed person finds himself with new ambitions and thus avoids inactivity. Moreover, those who opt for independent work often improve their quality of life.

If you are currently a job seeker and you plan to leave the world of being an employee, this is the right time to question your skills, take stock of your skills and question your future.

to avoid unemployment

Gain in permanent training

In France, non-salaried workers have benefited from a personal training account since January 1, 2019. However, not all training requests are accepted, which closes access to certain training courses. In addition, the cost of continuing education remains even more limited and can sometimes be costly.

With Finelis, you benefit from the help and support of the entire team, as well as its partners. We provide you with day-to-day support to transition from employee to freelancer. You are therefore not alone and can take advantage of our experience to get started in your new professional activity.


Transitioning from employee to freelancer to gain your independence

Working on your own has the advantage of being free from time and geographic constraints. You can work wherever and whenever you want… Who has never dreamed of it? When we know that more and more employees are complaining about the incompatibility between personal and professional life, freelance life offers you the opportunity to combine these two aspects.

Freedom in terms of hours

By becoming a freelancer, you can manage your pace of work as you wish. This flexibility goes even further than the simple adjustment of schedules. You decide for yourself when you are available or not and . This advantage is significant, especially if you want to devote more time to your family life.

Remember the look of your employer when you requested time off during school holidays to be present with your children! By adopting the status of self-employed worker, you no longer have the constraint of submitting a leave request and worrying about being refused!

Geographical freedom

Another advantage of becoming self-employed is undoubtedly geographic freedom. Someone who is self-employed has no geographical limits and can decide to work from wherever he wants.

For most employees who switch to freelance status, working from home is natural. When you start a business on your own, it can be easier and cheaper to work from home.

For those who prefer the company, the option of coworking seems a solution. If you live in the city, there is spaces for every budget. In addition, each space has a different atmosphere and offer. Thus, your independent activity does not leave you alone. You will have auto-entrepreneurs from various sectors around you with whom you can share your experience.

freelancer freedom time and geography

Becoming freelancer in Spain

If you want to transition from employee to freelancer in Spain, you will need to apply for autonomous status. The process is not very complicated, but it still requires you to do your research beforehand and follow the different steps to become a freelancer.

By declaring yourself as a self-employed person in Spain, you benefit from numerous tax advantages and you will not have a minimum capital to pay at the start of your new legal status. In addition, a certain number of expenses are deductible from your activity (transport, expenses related to the purchase of equipment, rent of a possible local …).

In order to make your task easier, Finelis and its partners will assist you in the administrative procedures (social security regime, invoicing, legal form, tax regime, etc.) to declare yourself as a self-employed worker. This saves you time to focus on your new project and on a future freelance assignment.


Does transitioning from employee to freelancer arouse your interest?

Do you think you have all the qualities required to start a freelance activity? If you feel ready to take the plunge, or if, on the contrary, you are afraid of not succeeding despite your desire to become independent, do not hesitate to contact Finelis!

Our services will save you time. Thanks to us and our partners, the administrative management of your freelance project is no longer an obstacle for new freelance workers.