COVID-19: An opportunity to grow your business

During this difficult time, silence is NOT golden. Entrepreneurs who choose to bury their heads in the sand create a negative impression for the brand. ⁣

Although the market is not as active as usual, it is a perfect time to grow  our business⁣. Do not stop working because this is the perfect time to get your strength up and  think carefully about what we are going to do from now on.

Hera are some of the things you can do for your business now:

✔ Capture leads: Start a marketing campaign to capture potential customers by  encouraging them to  give you their contact information such as name, email or phone.

✔ Nurture your potential customers: Set up a program using emails to educate your prospects informing them  all the benefits of your services. Be aware  benefits are not the same as features. By highlighting the change they will achieve by hiring you, if they don’t need you right now, they may consider you  it in the future or refer you to their contacts. ⁣

✔ Update your services: You can update your products and their packaging or the way you deliver your service to increase your fees. I am sure that our consumption patterns are going to change from now on. We are all becoming much more tech savvy.

During this quarantine, keep in touch with your customers. Share business updates on your website and / or through your social networks and in your e-mail newsletter 📨📨 ! If time permits, call 🤳🤳 or email directly.⁣

Create impact on your customers  by informing them about how your business is dealing with this unprecedented crisis. You are likely to earn more of their respect in this process.

It is the perfect time to focus on your business recovery and readjust the way you work

Don’t be discouraged if you feel like you need to start from scratch. This are tough financial times for everyone, so persevere and have a plan B so that your business can get through this.

It is a good time for you and your team to get used to teleworking.

⁣You need the right tools to succeed. At Finelis we have been using them for a long time now and are happy  with them.

📌 Make calls with the camera on

This will allow you to become more familiar and better related to the person you will be meeting.

Video conferences can be a valuable tool. I imagine that at this point you are likely familiar with Zoom. Its sound and image quality are excellent and lend themselves well to recording.⁣

📌 Organize tasks with your team

Another tool that we are liking more and more is Trello which allows you to  work as a team while keeping organized.

And do you know Calendly or Youcanbookme? They are tools that allow your clients to automatically  schedule a sessions with you.

We use our CRM calendar – PipeDrive- (if you are interested in knowing more about this please let us know) .

📌 Use chat to collaborate

Slack is a tool we love. It allows you to work as a team and chat in real time. However, it is  important to have time to talk about something other than work. In slack you can create several channels. You can create one for a virtual coffee break.⁣

If you aren’t using them yet, I recommend  you start soon⁣.


María del Carmen M.

Digital Marketing Director