How to Gain Efficiency with Sales Outsourcing?

How to gain efficiency with sales outsourcing

The outsourcing can save you time and allow you to allocate more energy to your business projects.

At Finelis, we deal with sales outsourcing, and we work with local partners for financial or IT outsourcing that we gladly recommend.

As a business leader, you have undoubtedly experienced those situations where your objectives are not met. Sometimes you may not even have the resources to achieve the desired results.

In such cases, there is a solution: use external services to subtly complement your internal team that can’t do everything!

Outsourcing can be an effective way to achieve your goals, but it is important to know that outsourcing services is not a panacea if it is not in line with your business.

That’s why at Finelis, we propose new offers customized and adapted to your business in 2022 to gain efficiency.

A service of experts at your disposal

The implementation of outsourcing services is a real project that requires a close collaboration with your company. Therefore, at Finelis, we have put at the service of our customers an experienced and sectorial sales force to answer all your questions and bring solutions adapted to your needs.

An experience which is not to be demonstrated any more

For more than 13 years, Finelis has been helping small and medium-sized businesses to increase their performance in French, English and Spanish speaking markets worldwide. This experience is unique because we have been able to test and evaluate numerous B2B models. Innovating is also about trying, even taking the wrong road and constantly evaluating your actions to finally find a better, or at least more optimal, path. Who currently has a similar service offering on the market that is not centered on a single silo and that can demonstrate a track record with European technology start-ups? If you can find a better and cheaper solution, let’s talk about it!

Afterwards, if you tell us that the last startup to have raised 20 million euros has results 3 times better than Finelis by investing 10 times more, then we’re already starting to understand each other… or at least to speak the same language, the language of ROI which has been our DNA for 13 years.

Experts at your disposal

An organization outside the traditional silos

Finelis does not have a silo model like other competitors. If it is to buy 1/2, 1/4 or 3 identical salespeople working on 1 single channel, where is the innovation? Might as well hire, right?

One day, a customer told us: “Finelis is the only supermarket that allows you to buy 4 different yoghurts for a competitive price, where all the competitors (external but also internal, i.e. senior salesmen in full-time employment), the other supermarkets only sell you yoghurts by 4-8 or 12 and all of the same flavor. There is no finesse or granularity possible, let alone the possibility of having a 360° service for a reasonable cost.

Some of our small business clients have just the budget of half a salaried employee (budget of 2000€ per month) and must achieve commercial successes in 6 months, sometimes without even having marketing collateral. The current HR market does not allow them, for this budget, to have the best skills in operational sales strategy. How do we help them? Should we wait for government subsidies? Of course not! Finelis helps you and explains how.

Finelis offers you this organization outside of the traditional silos, which generally works on at least 3-4 channels at the same time to generate an easily measurable return on investment.

The trigger for accelerated growth

Finelis is not here to do just like the growth hackers. There will always be faster, more digital, and better tools with generation Y!

With Finelis, you can nevertheless consider a high-speed deployment of your business activity in a collaborative mode. Indeed, by relying on our marketing and sales expertise, we will implement an immediately operational device and we will mix the best intergenerational and multicultural skills with your own organization.

To learn more, read our article “I am interested in Sales Outsourcing Services“.

Finelis helps managers to sell more and better

We listen to you so that you can benefit from a personalized advice which will be adapted to your context and your needs. Our experts will be able to provide you with the answers to the questions you have about outsourcing:

  • How to choose the services to outsource?
  • What are the best ways to work?
  • How to evaluate the cost of outsourcing?
  • What is the recommended duration for your outsourcing project?
Finelis helps managers to sell more

Finelis evaluates the conversion rates of all sales channels

Whether it is online, offline, traditional, modern, or agile methods, our team will suggest the method that best suits your business.

The choice of strategy

Finelis then chooses the best strategy for the client based on this evaluation. By using outsourcing, the client saves time to manage his project.

Finelis doesn’t just do “slides”

We deploy the strategy at the operational level, ensuring that the sales and marketing management teams make slow but steady progress and that sales improve in a timely manner.

Finelis differentiators in 2022

With Finelis, you have the guarantee to work with experts with recognized skills in their field and to implement an effective strategy immediately, not in 6 months.

We are committed to accompany you until the success of the transfer and even to make you totally autonomous if you wish it.

From January 2022, Finelis accepts a performance-based model. This means that below a certain number of qualified projects not reached, we will not charge.

Have you found better elsewhere? If so, let us know! This company you found may be one of Finelis’ future partners…

In 2022 open yourself to new possibilities and test, test, test and challenge the existing pre-Covid 2019 model if you want to stay competitive 🙂.

Take advantage of our new offers now and contact us for a custom-tailored study.