Objections are nothing more than simple justifications that we say when we do not see the value that a product or service can add to us.

If you have your own business or are part of the sales team of a company, it is likely that a large part of your time you will have to dedicate to selling.

One of the most important parts of a sales process is undoubtedly the phone call or meeting where you explain your offer to your potential client.

If you are already having this call with a prospect, I give you good news: these people are already interested in a product  or service like yours!

Taking notice that nowadays time is something very important since we all are at a thousand things at the same time and precisely  time is something that we do not have enough of…

If he or she has taken the trouble to give you part of their time, it is precisely because they are already  interested in your product.

But when you are in the middle of the conversation, they have already talked about their needs, their doubts, you have explained them exhaustively about your product and it seems that everything is going from strength to strength, until suddenly it leaves you frozen with one or more objections like these :

📌Your product is too expensive

📌Your product doesn’t do too many things like the competition’s

📌 You don’t satisfy our needs

📌 I don’t wanna change

📌 Now is not the best time 

There are two reasons why people are not buying from you:


1. You are targeting the wrong target audience

If you still don’t know how to identify your target audience, you can read in this post:

How to create the profile of your ideal client or buyer persona

This post will surely help you to get to know your client better and what the needs they need to satisfy.

The fact that a person has an objection is good as this shows that the person is taking you into consideration in their range of possibilities.

2. You do not know how to refute sales objections



Objections are nothing more than simple justifications that we say when we do not see the value that a product or service can add to us.

The fact that a person has an objection is good as this shows that the person is taking you into consideration in their range of possibilities.

But to get to the sale it is necessary to counter these objections.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you close more sales with some of the most common objections:


Sales Objection 1: You’re Too Expensive:

This may be true,that your prices are higher than those of the competition, but this is not enough reason to stop selling.

When faced with this type of objection, you need to keep listening, get more information. 

There is always a deeper sentiment behind that objection that you as a salesperson should get to in your conversation.

Can you ask them:

  • How much more expensive do you think we are?
  • How much would you be willing to pay?
  • Is it the price that sets you back or is there something else?

The important thing here is that the client feels heard, that he knows that you are interested in how he feels, at the same time that you obtain more information so that you can give him a solution.

One of the solutions you can provide is a discount or perhaps offer a lower cost product to try and see that your product will help solve their problem or need.


Objeción de venta 2: Tu producto no hace tantas cosas como el de la competencia 

We know that providing a service or a product or service that has it all, at a low price and with excellent customer service is not easy, so in this type of objection you have three options:

  • Highlight your strengths:

 You have to be clear about what it is that makes you special and better than your competition. It is necessary for the customer to visualize what they are going to receive, why your product is so good and how this will help them in their day to day

  • Creative solutions:

You can show other customers how they have found creative solutions to mimic those additional characteristics that the competition has.

  • Design a personalized proposal:

Don’t be afraid to use the people and resources you already have to create a solution that is more tailored to your client’s needs.

Being flexible with customers is a skill that a good salesperson must develop. If what you offer can be easily adapted by your team and this will help your prospect buy, it will have been worth that small change, plus it will help you when another prospect has the same objection.


Oír lo que nuestros clientes quieren es sin duda una gran oportunidad para crear productos que se adapten a sus necesidades y no a las necesidades que nosotros creemos que tienen.

Sales Objection 3: The product doesn’t Meet Our Needs

You may already have a client who has consumed your product or service and has seen that you cannot help them as they believed and this will make them go elsewhere where they can solve their needs


Here it is important to empathize with the client, put yourself in their shoes, have an in-depth conversation to try to understand their needs.


At this point I also recommend creating a custom solution as in the previous point. In this way, retain your customer by making him see that you really want to help him and are willing to make changes to your product so that he is more satisfied.


Hearing what our customers want is undoubtedly a great opportunity to create products that adapt to their needs and not to the needs that we think they have.

The market is constantly changing and this is a way to adapt to these new needs.

Sales objection 4: I don’t want to change


For this objection it is necessary to demonstrate to your potential client your history of success with other clients.

The numbers can help you show how well your current customers are doing in each part of your product.

Ask and find out what solution he would be happier with, in this way the prospect will see that you are really interested in solving his problems with your product or service.

Sales Objection 5: Now is  not the time

If this is one of the objections your potential client has, you have to understand that this can mean several things such as:

  • They just don’t have time to deal with the sales process
  • They are currently linked to another contract
  • They don’t have time to take the call at this time
  • The company’s cash flow is low
  • The company is undergoing changes


Let your prospect speak and tell you more about why now is not the time. Give yourself the time to listen, if you jump right away with a solution to their objection, the person will see that you are not willing to listen.

It is time to create trust in your potential client to create a relationship and in this way you will be closer to the sale.

I know objections can deflate anyone, but remember that selling is helping. You have created a product or service to help more people cope with their problems. Listening to and working with objections are part of our job.

Finally I want to tell you not to force the sale. If the person does not see that you can help them in any way and buys from you only by commitment, you will make a sale, but this person will never buy from you again.

So put these tips into practice and make the sale a more enjoyable process for both you and your potential customer.


At Finelis, thanks to an experienced team and excellent processes, we support our clients by covering all their sales channels. Do like them, don’t be left alone with commercial prospecting! Let us take care of it and focus on your core business.

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